A full-week Bootcamp curated by Canal 180. It takes place in Abrantes, a small city in the center of Portugal. Every July, participants from all over the world are invited to immerse in the tranquility of the city and enjoy one week of workshops, concerts, conferences, and some spare time to share ideas, experiences, and backgrounds.

Embracing the diverse and creative atmosphere of the Creative Camp, where unexpected creative projects result from the collaborations between such a plural and global audience, I’ve designed a system that embraces identity, plurality, and happiness to create the signature of this year’s edition.

Restricting all the compositions to the proportions of the letterforms ‘1’8’0’, we’ve used this grid to design as many characters as possible, in a diverse array of mediums, in the time of the campaign, to link the event to the people, its expressions and experimental behaviors. An identity to be open, free, and completed by the interventions of the audience and, later, their photographic memory.

☺︎ This project was designed as part of studio Degrau with the talented: João Castro, Raquel Rei e Tiago Campeã. ☺︎