About me

I’m Ana. I’m an illustrator and graphic designer, amazed by patterns, dogs, and food.

I live and work in the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal. I’m obsessed with shapes and bold objects.

I love to work with different media. You can find me on the computer, doing ceramics or weaving at the loom simultaneously. I have been this way since 2011.

Other things about me

I have a project called Madre, with Raquel Rei, a lab to experiment with materials, shapes, and techniques.

I’m a hip-hop head, so don’t be shy to share some of your local favorites with me.


I’m always interested in meeting new people and working together.

I have an immense passion for sharing the world with brilliant people with whom I am lucky to be surrounded. I invite you to navigate this list and be amazed by whom you will find. Plus, we often collaborate, so perhaps a new project might appear when making this journey?

Photo by Matilde Cunha
photo by Matilde Cunha