Her name is Capicua, she is a Rapper. Her lyrics have a strong emphasis on the power of woman and she has really catchy and powerful storytelling play with words. I’m a big fan of her songs.

Capicua asked me to draw a pattern for the backdrop of her concerts with a lot of references to the atmosphere of her songs: the yellow cat that she had when she was a child; ice creams; windsurf boards; shells; a magnifying glass; a rose; a mermaid; a boat; a basil's vase – and other references that she explores in her lyrics.

The earth sea dichotomy (perhaps her most intimate referral as a mermaid wearing shoes – how cool?)

The task: I had a lot of fun playing with patterns while listening to her songs over again! What more can I ask for? If you are a rap fan, like me, you can hear her songs here.

All photos were kindly provided by Ruben Lopo.