"DAILY IMAGES, DAILY NOTES" is an essay about paying attention to the surrounder environment around us, finding beauty in ordinary things, and reflecting and imagining what is going on with the people we cross.
I always take plenty of photos when walking around the city: random textures, objects, and things in which I found some visual poetry or emotions. With this in mind, I designed this book as an index for my spontaneous captures. I added a compilation of thoughts that appeared on my mind while commuting to tie all this content together.  

This project is part of a series of editorial templates for Adobe.
To create these templates and avoid using lorem ipsum texts and stock images,  I wrote fictionally, and almost times silly, paragraphs and did random illustrations as a motto. I took this opportunity to explore some layout ideas, explore photography approaches, and improve my illustration skills and styles.

☺︎ Thank you The Royal Studio, for the invitation and for trust me with this template series.☺︎