Luís Azevedo is a family-led textile company from the north of Portugal. Aligned with current trends and technology, LA offers a wide and careful range of natural and organic, biodegradable, and recyclable yarns and fibers. They create more than 800 products every year with responsibility and sustainable attention, without neglecting the appearance, activating a positive change in the business.

For the company’s identity, we inspired ourselves in the mesh matrix, adopting the construction process of the knitted fabrics to build the visual communication system. We built the message by filling in the grid, working rhythms, colors, and modules. We used repetition to create patterns and conjugations, developing a system that allows for infinite visual solutions and compositions with an expressive and artistic character while living inside the brand guidelines.

☺︎ This project was designed in collaboration with Raquel Rei. ☺︎
Branding Strategist: Joana Campos Silva, Fashion Makers Studio
Photography and styling: Filipa Alves