Out Loud is a Vice Special Report about the crucial role of LGBTQIA+ venues, discos, bars, restaurants, and regular customers in three innovative LGBTQIA+ artists and how these places provided shelter to the queer culture as a whole.

The documentary aired during Pride was hosted by Big Freedia and featured three outstanding musicians.

The motto was to use collage as our primary graphic language.

Visually, to acquire an analog feeling from the clubbing's flyers and ephemera; Conceptually, to portray someone that breaks the mold and the expectations people have of what they should be as artists and public figures.

By using scanned shapes of glossy paper cuts and mixing and overlapping them with actual footage, we achieved a contemporary, bold, and surreal graphic atmosphere.

Creative Direction by Ana Simões 
Design Direction by Kaz Ishii
Motion Design by Jay Liquori, Kris Cave & Kaz Ishii