Panca is a cevicheria & pisco bar in Porto’s downtown.

They have an informal but warm space where they serve their empanadas and their ceviches and some traditional street food.

The restaurant chef is Chilean and they want to bring some references to his country, like the colors, folk art elements but with a contemporary approach.

Alejandra Jaña was the designer that was in the charge of the identity and asked me to collaborate with her, to bring some illustrations to the ambiance.

I started to draw an intricate and geometric pattern, inspired by the south American weaving motifs and then I add some icons that would bring a contemporary feeling.

The main pattern was split into multiple small patterns and was used in the menu wood board, in the totem, in the uniforms, etc. Everything that belongs to space or the staff.

For the food, all the applications have icons – a Frida, a cigarette, a gun, cacti, etc. They will be present in the paper that supports most of the foods, on the coasters and stickers.

All photos were kindly provided by Estúdio Cozinha.