Queer Sports is a show produced by Vice News.

Hosted by Arielle Duhaime-Ross, each episode featured a panel of discussions and interviews around the most significant topics LBGTQ athletes face in sports, including mental health, gender stereotypes, trans athletes in competition, and how to make sport an equal playing field for all.

Since sports courts and fields are visually powerful and bold, we took it as inspiration to design the identity of this show.The patterns we see on the fields allow us to guide the rules of the game and help to define the boundaries of where the match happens. In this visual identity, those patterns were out of context, simplified into abstract shapes, and mixed; they create an irreverent and fresh look in the way we are used to seeing sports graphic language.

For this piece, beyond designing the open title sequence,  bumps & mortises, there were subtle patterns animated in the background of the panelists.

You can watch all the episodes here

Creative Direction by Ana Simões 
Design Direction by Kaz Ishii
Motion Design by Kris Cave, Sean WehrliJay Liquori