I was invited to make an installation in one of Eureka's shops in Porto.

Eureka is a Portuguese shoe brand that works together with contemporary fashion makers. It is both a retail shop and a concept store. On the top floor, where the installation was displayed, there is an area for conceptual experiments and to showcase new Portuguese talents in the fashion industry. The site doesn't have much light, the floor and walls are fairly dark and houses a pink neon accompanied by plants that pop to our eyes at first glance.

Knowing this, I created a graphic piece, using a blank wooden structure and neon colors for a yarned sculpture, to communicate things that make me feel creative and happy: patterns

Making this connection with my work and some of the tools used in a textile workflow, I weaved a two-sided object and hanged colored pompoms in the ceiling, creating a fun and colorful installation.

All photos were kindly provided by Eureka.