Above, you can find a selection of my graphic design work. I have been a graphic designer since 2011. I have designed visual identities, editorial projects, posters, packaging, bespoken graphics for TV, and art direction for photography sessions.

D01 – Luís Azevedo, D02 – BICEP, D03 – Out Loud, D04 – Cult of Elon, D05 – NYC City Guide, D06 – Queer Sports, D07 – Frontiere, D08 – Rapport, D09 – Heavy Thoughts, D10 – Supermarket Lifestyle, D11 – Bicep Isles, D12 – Home, D13 – Matcha, D14 – Madre, D15 – Cromática, D16 – Roxo 08, D17 – Bolsa de Ideias, D18 – Living Among What’s Left Behind, D19 – Crónicas da Atlântida, D20 – I Have No Time To Schedulle My Time

Above, you can find a selection of textile works that I developed over the past years. Illustration is such a rich medium. This selection of works features projects where illustration plays a central role in the outcome, from graphic design projects, editorial, and packaging to sculpture.

I love textiles, and in the last decade, I have designed textile pieces, such as swimsuits, rugs, socks, weaving artworks, and t-shirts. I'm interested in exploring the relationships between geometric design shapes and the human body's interactions and having my designs live in the real and physical world.

I01 – Oiôba SS19, I02 – Yousocks, I03 – Oiôba SS17, I04 – Slowdown Studio Collab, I05 – Oiôba SS21, I06 – Oiôba SS16, I07 – Incredibilis Animalibus, I08 – Untitled, I09 – GUR, I10 – Galeria Energia, I11 – Table for Two, I12 – No Man Is An Island, I13 – Café au Lait